Visual Identity Development A concept for success

How do we perceive our bodies visually, physically? How do we talk to ourselves about our bodies? What do we think is other people’s perception of our bodies?


An imperfect body is often perceived as an imperfect self. We see the body as a reflection of an individual’s inner character and we strive for social alignment.


Although many declare not to care what other people think, we are creatures who want to fit in society. Therefore, we actually care about what others think of us. Our meta perception, our ability to perceive how people see us, is what enables us to authentically connect to others. However, meta perceptions are frequently inaccurate, since they are shaped by our individual and personal biases. 


Each one of us carries a mental blueprint. We make snap judgements about people based on image. These judgements are affected by our own self-image, our own beliefs about who we are, which in turn is fundamentally shaped by our upbringing and experiences. We see things as we are. Our perception is our reality.


Is it possible to change perceptions?
Changing perceptions is not an easy task, but once we start the ball rolling, it quickly picks up speed.


When we have faith and act with courage, we take a change on our creative talents, we take the effort to modify our body and personality in order to reflect our current or desired identity.


Plastic surgery creates alignment between character and appearance, between identity and body. However, changes in our physical image need to be paralleled with changes in our personality; the way we express ourselves through our attitudes, habits and skills. New bodies require new self-images.


But how can we develop a new self-image without selling ourselves out to playing a role that isn’t truly us?


Developing a new self-image through a holistic coaching approach bring true balance, accomplishment, and most importantly authenticity.


A one-on-one strategy which helps you create a clear and compelling vision of yourself whilst providing an opportunity to determine and decide the best way for you to achieve your vision.


Every VIP is tailored to the individual’s needs determined in the VIS.




This special programme covers the material of the VIP in one intensive day.


Three personal styling and grooming sessions.


The workshop is geared towards corporate demands. It helps improve the visual identity without losing individuality.



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